Our Stories: Caroline Fenelius-Carpenter

Our Stories, Patient and Family Advisory Council

Our Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC) is an advisory group that aims to improve the patient, client, family and caregiver care and service experience in Kawartha Lakes and assists in shaping KL-OHT programs.


Read on to hear from PFAC member Caroline Fenelius-Carpenter about why she joined the Kawartha Lakes Ontario Health Team’s PFAC.

Caroline Fenelius-Carpenter

Why did you join the Kawartha Lakes Ontario Health Team's PFAC?

“I have always been a big believer in two things. First, if you see a problem, you become part of the solution and second, there is power in story. Stories need to be told to create change and sharing those stories with the right people and repeating them creates change. 


There have been many gaps and struggles in rural health care.  I have seen it first hand in my work and personal life along with the people that are a part of PFAC. We all come with different experiences and we have worked in different
fields. It is very frustrating not only for the people that have been trying to
navigate the health care system but also for those trying to maneuver themselves and their teams to provide the health care people deserve. Being a part of PFAC has given us hope that there is some change on the horizon, that they are listening and the people who can make decisions are using the
information gathered to create solutions that are needed and will work.


The future lies in the continuation of building a simple conduit for information and access that includes real people, not just a machine. We need to find
solutions that work to fill in the gaps in regards to mental health by offering
training and giving tools to the people who are on the front lines. Having the ambulance drivers trained in Palliative Care is a huge first step in allowing people to die at home, comfortably, with the safety and support they need.  Ultimately there needs to be a consistency in care and communication among the health teams that work with us.”  


-Caroline Fenelius-Carpenter

KL-OHT PFAC Member, End of Life Doula

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