Remote Patient Monitoring
Keeping the community healthy at home

What is Remote Patient Monitoring?

Remote Patient Monitoring enlists the expertise of Community Paramedics to provide health education as well as easy-to-use devices to monitor a patient’s health from the comfort of their home. The program aims to support people living with CHF, COPD, diabetes and other coexisting conditions. 


This remote monitoring allows the Community Paramedic team to work with the patient’s health care provider to track health conditions and prevent admission or readmission to hospitals.


The Community Paramedic team has successfully trialed these remote devices with patients in our community and has the capacity to expand to 50 patients. The program has also been developed with a sustainable plan of transitioning patients to the Wellness Connections Program.

A man using a monitor to take health measurements

How does Remote Patient Monitoring Work?

  1. The patient is referred to the program and the condition(s) that require monitoring are captured in the referral form (online referral form coming soon!)
  2. A Community Paramedic will visit the patient in their home to conduct and assessment, provide education, and supply a remote monitoring device.
  3. The patient will use the remote monitoring device to measure required health readings, such as heart rate, blood pressure, vital signs, weight or blood sugar.
  4. The remote monitoring device will send these health readings to the Community Paramedic. They will determine if further action is required and will update the patient’s Primary Care Provider with the results of any assessments made.
  5. When there is improvement seen with the patient’s condition(s), they will be provided with a warm hand-off to other support programs, such as the Wellness Connections Program, if required.

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