Nutrition Month 2022

Did you know that March is Nutrition Month? Beginning back in the 1970s, Nutrition Month has evolved into a national effort to raise awareness about the importance healthy eating, with focuses on food, nutrition, and the important role dietitians play. 


The theme for Nutrition Month this year is Ingredients for a healthier tomorrow,
which aims to bring awareness about creating a sustainable food system in
Canada. This includes recognizing the effects food insecurity has on the health
of communities and promoting food literacy to help people make informed food decisions. Be sure to check out for more information.


Within the KL-OHT, we recognize the importance diet and nutrition has on our priority population of seniors 65 years and older who live alone or have a poor support network, experience functional decline, mobility challenges, multiple illnesses or cognitive challenges, or have been hospitalized within the 12 months. Our Virtual Wellness Connection program, which helps our seniors connect to new virtual health care and social interaction opportunities, is formed based on the AVOID Frailty framework. Diet and Nutrition is a key principle of the AVOID Frailty framework, with emphasis placed on making good nutritional choices and eating the right foods as we age. 

AVOID frailty framework representing activity, vaccinate, optimize medications, interact, and diet and nutrition

Diet and nutrition education is just one of the many resources offered with the Virtual Wellness Connection program. Visit our website to learn more or complete a referral form for the program!

You can also learn more about the importance of good diet and nutrition on the Canadian Frailty Network website

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