Connecting Local Care

The Kawartha Lakes Ontario Health Team (KL-OHT) is a group of healthcare providers and organizations that are committed to improving care for the Kawartha Lakes community.

The KL-OHT is currently made of 12 lead, partner and supporting organizations. We are working together as a team to ensure patients, families and caregivers experience a seamless and supported journey through our healthcare system. We are creating a strong foundation for collaboration of services, such as increasing access to online appointment booking options, and providing in-home monitoring of chronic diseases. We also aim to increase awareness for residents and patients of available health and community programs and services. 

Priority Population

Kawartha Lakes OHT will focus initially on enhancing coordinated care and services for adults 65 years and older who:


  • Live alone or have a poor support network
  • Experience functional decline, mobility challenges, multiple illnesses or cognitive challenges
  • Have been hospitalized within the 12 months

As the work of our team evolves, the population we serve will expand – eventually coordinating all care and services within the City of Kawartha Lakes. 

Patient Stories

Recent Posts

Our Wellness Connections Program is Live!

The Wellness Connections Program is designed for people aged 65+ to learn about healthy changes and choices to age well and to connect to local service providers offering supportive programs. The program can be accessed virtually through our website or with in-person support.