Community Paramedic Remote Patient Monitoring Program Update

The Community Paramedic team continues to grow, with two new Community Paramedics recently joining the team. This will allow to a greater reach in our community and for more patients to be added to the program. The Community Paramedic team conducts pro-active, scheduled home visits, wellness assessments and phone calls to high need patients following discharge until the patient and family regain their ability to safely and confidently remain at home.

The Community Paramedics also play a vital role in offering the Remote Patient Monitoring program. This program enlists their expertise to provide health education as well as offering easy-to-use devices to monitor a patient’s health from the comfort of their home.

Currently the team has 25 Remote Patient Monitoring devices, with 15 patients already using these devices to help support their health conditions including CHF, COPD, chronic hypertension, lung cancer, and more. The rest of the devices will be rolled out to patients in need in the community, and an additional 25 devices will be added over the next month.

The majority of the patients already participating in the program are 80 years of age and older and many were initially worried they would not be able to use the equipment. After the Community Paramedic sits with them to set up the device and conducted some practice readings however, they love how easy it is to use. Daily readings from all patients to date have been successful at providing the needed health information.

A few of the patients of the Remote Monitoring Program have shared their thoughts on using the devices and how this has helped them monitor their health at home.


“The program makes me feel secure that I know my Community Paramedic can see what is going on with me when she isn’t with me.”

-Marie, 90-year-old living alone with CHF

“Using the equipment is very easy, and it’s nice to get calls from my paramedic if she feels anything is wrong.”
-Shirley, 94-year old from Bobcaygeon living alone with CHF

“I didn’t think I would be able to use the scale for my weight and it has been so easy, I like to be able see what my weight is daily.”
-Isabel, 85-year-old from Lindsay living alone with CHF

“I love that our Community Paramedic can see what my Mom’s readings are, it makes me feel more comfortable when I’m worried or not sure if my Mom is having a decline in her health”

-Lisa, daughter of patient Joan from Lindsay with stage 4 lung cancer

More information on how to request access to the Remote Patient Monitoring program will be made available shortly. 

Virtual Wellness Connection Update

We recently welcomed Chrystal Simpson as our new Virtual Care Program Lead. She has been hard at work expanding the program and engaging with existing clients. To date, the program has assisted over 40 people in enhancing their health and social connections with technology and internet support. Some of those clients were also assisted to register for their COVID-19 vaccines and arrange transportation to the clinic.

One client of the program, Margaret*, wanted to share her experience of the Virtual Wellness Connection and how it has helped her in many areas of her life.

“As a senior living alone with all of my family and friends at a great distance, I found the isolation and loneliness caused by the pandemic difficult. Then I reached out and connected with the Kawartha Lakes Ontario Health Team.


They provided me with an iPad and tech help, plus an ongoing support person who checks in on me monthly, but who is always on standby support should I need her. This unique, portable device has allowed me to rebuild my social network, to read books from the library, to have face to face group chats with my friends who live overseas, to attend and participate in craft workshops, to do seniors chair exercise classes or the physiotherapy exercises I’ve been given, to meet with my physiotherapist online, to practice mindfulness and so much more. Plus, I have been given the chance to attend web seminars regarding seniors’ issues/concerns such as falls prevention, diet and nutrition, exercise, personal safety, COVID information and the local community services available to seniors. I also connected with loved ones and travelled the world virtually while maintaining isolation and social distancing.  

One huge smile moment this past year was a Zoom call with my grandchildren to meet their brand-new puppy.

I feel I’ve been very lucky to be given the opportunity to enhance my well-being through this seniors’ program.”

If you’d like to learn more about the Virtual Wellness Connection please reach out to Chrystal Simpson by email at or by telephone at

Digital Health Week – November 29 – December 5

City of Kawartha Lakes, November 30, 2021November 29 – December 5 is Digital Health Week, which is a time to recognize the importance of supporting the digital transformation of health systems across Canada. Digital Health is important now more than ever, as it allows for seamless access to health information for patients and providers, and provides access to virtual care options where appropriate.


Kawartha Lakes Ontario Health Team is committed to providing digital health options for the City of Kawartha Lakes. We currently offer our Virtual Care Program, which has assisted older adults in enhancing their health and social connections with technology and internet support. The Remote Patient Monitoring Program is also available to our community, which enlists the expertise of Community Paramedics to provide health education as well as easy-to-use devices to monitor a patient’s health from the comfort of their home. This program can assist in monitoring various chronic conditions, such as CHF, COPD, hypertension, diabetes, and more. 


We are also working with our Member organizations to bring about some exciting digital transformations in how patients within the City of Kawartha Lakes can schedule appointments with their health care providers. Be sure to follow us on our social media channels and sign up to receive our newsletter so you don’t miss any updates about these key initiatives of the KL-OHT!


To learn more about Digital Health Week, visit Canada Health Infoway for more information.


Family Doctor Recruitment Virtual Visit Launched

City of Kawartha Lakes, November 5, 2021Kawartha Lakes Health Care Initiative (KLHCI) is pleased to present the new Family Doctor Recruitment Virtual Community Visit video. They invite everyone to view the video below:

This video was developed during the COVID-19 pandemic in order to showcase the City of Kawartha Lakes to potential family doctor recruits who could not physically visit due to pandemic protocols.


Even though there are continuing to be changes in the pandemic protocols, KLHCI is positive that being able to provide this video on a variety of websites and social media outlets will entice those that may be looking into our area to contact Cindy Snider, Recruitment and Retention Coordinator, to discuss practice opportunities further.


KLHCI partnered with OneLook Productions to produce the video. All of the principals of this company have ties to the area which meant they really understood the importance of the video and its content.


Lisa Green, KLHCI President states, “We wish to thank all of the family doctors who are part of the video along with Kelly Isfan (CEO, Ross Memorial Hospital) and Mayor Andy Letham. The video would not have been possible without all of their support and participation.”


KLHCI is a non-profit, charitable organization whose mandate is to recruit and retain family doctors for the City of Kawartha Lakes. Anyone wishing to be part of this community effort by either volunteering on the Board of Directors, or donating financially to support the ongoing family doctor recruitment and retention programs, should contact Cindy Snider, Recruitment & Retention Coordinator at 705-328-6098 or visit the KLHCI website at



Kawartha Lakes OHT is Growing!

We are pleased to announce that two new employees have joined the Kawartha Lakes Ontario Health Team this month. Please join us in welcoming Chrystal Simpson and Susan Bacque to the team! Read more about Chrystal and Susan below.

Chrystal Simpson – Virtual Care Program Lead

Chrystal Simpson

Chrystal is a Registered Practical Nurse and Personal Support Worker and joins us on a secondment from Community Care City of Kawartha Lakes. Chrystal has client and program management experience from her previous roles with CCCKL, including working on programs such as the Assisted Living Program, In-Home Respite, Home at Last and Supportive Housing. Most recently Chrystal became the Interim Program Manager for the Adult Day Program.


As the Virtual Care Program Lead for the KL-OHT, Chrystal will be responsible for the providing virtual care navigation for the patients/clients participating in the program as well as increasing the overall capacity for delivery of virtual programming across the KL-OHT region. Her commitment and passion to meeting the needs of older adults in our community will be an asset to our OHT!


Get in touch with Chrystal at

Susan Bacque – Experience Partner Engagement Lead

Susan Bacque

Susan is a seasoned public sector leader in quality improvement projects in health care, hospitals, and non-profit organizations serving caregivers. She has held senior positions in provincial and municipal governments focused on affordable housing solutions. She received two Reach for Excellence Awards as a provincial Director and was named a ‘Municipal Champion’ for her work in Peterborough. Susan holds an MA, a BSc, and is an accredited Municipal Manager.


As the Experience Partner Engagement Lead, Susan will work closely with the Engagement Working group and Patient Family Advisory Council to ensure appropriate opportunities for residents’ involvement at key milestones in local health system transformation.


Get in touch with Susan at

Welcome Joanne Jury, Health Care Navigation Lead

Please join us in welcoming Joanne Jury as the new Health Care Navigation Lead of the Kawartha Lakes Ontario Health Team.

Joanne is joining us on September 14th as Health Care Navigation Lead for the Kawartha Lakes OHT. She will assist the OHT in developing 24/7 patient navigation services for the community of Kawartha Lakes, which will help both patients and providers to navigate our healthcare system more effectively.

Joanne brings a diverse background in health care for over 30 years. She has experience in both rural and urban hospitals as a front-line emergency nurse and then transitioning into Patient Flow Specialist and management roles. She has also held leadership roles in the community with Victorian Order of Nurses (VON) and worked on a Ministry of Health Pilot project that brought health care to unattached patients in the Peterborough and City of Kawartha Lakes area.

Joanne understands the challenges and barriers that exist in the current system and as a result she brings a passion for seeking solutions to enhance patient care and create seamless transitions for patients and families within the health care system.

We are excited to have Joanne join us at the KL-OHT!

Welcome Stephanie MacLaren, Kawartha Lakes Ontario Health Team Executive Director

Please join us in welcoming Stephanie MacLaren as the new Executive Director of the Kawartha Lakes Ontario Health Team.

Stephanie’s career in health care spans 20 years working with a variety of health service provider organizations across the system from hospitals, community health centres, and family health teams. She brings a deep history of partnership building in all of the roles she has held at the management and executive levels; from developing programs and system infrastructure in Toronto to supporting equity oriented diabetes management to working with primary care providers and other system providers to advancing the system of coordinated care through innovative programming.

Most recently, Stephanie held the position of Vice President, Community Programs at Haliburton Highlands Health Services where her focus was on advancing the work of inter-organizational and interdisciplinary teams to improve care for seniors and individuals experiencing mental health issues. Stephanie believes that collaboration, innovation, and engagement with patients, caregivers, and service providers alike are the main ingredients in moving towards a system of coordinated and seamless care. She is excited to be a part of the Kawartha Lakes Ontario Health Team to do just that.

Stephanie starts her new role on September 7, 2021 and will be reporting to the KL-OHT Co-Leads, Veronica Nelson, VP & Chief Operating Officer at Ross Memorial Hospital and Barb Mildon, Chief Executive Officer at Community Care, City of Kawartha Lakes.

We are excited to have Stephanie join us at the KL-OHT!

CPD Epilepsy education sessions offered at no cost over the lunch hour

Project ECHO: Epilepsy Across the Lifespan is a virtual case-based learning program which endeavors to educate healthcare practitioners caring for patients with epilepsy to enhance their care. The program is funded by the Ministry of Health of Ontario and provides CME credits at no cost. Sessions are 60 minutes and offered weekly over the lunch hour for ease of participation. Sessions begin with a quick 10-minute didactic talk delivering relevant clinical pearls followed by an interactive discussion of a de-identified real patient case brought forward by community healthcare providers. Our interdisciplinary teams located at academic hospitals connect with community practitioners via Zoom to deliver these sessions. There are three programs: Epilepsy in Children and Youth, Epilepsy and Adults and Epilepsy and Genetics. Those Family Practitioners, Paediatricians, and Community Neurologists who complete the Epilepsy and Genetics program will be able to order genetic testing for their eligible epilepsy patients through the Ontario Epilepsy Genetics Testing Program. There is rolling registration so no deadline to register by and the same sessions are offered on multiple days of the week and begin at various months throughout the year. Have an epilepsy case for discussion? Want to learn more about epilepsy management? Register now.

Registration link:

Kawartha Lakes Closer to Connected Care with Designated Ontario Health Team

Lindsay, Ont. (November 19, 2020) – Residents of the City of Kawartha Lakes are one step closer to experiencing more connected care in our community, as several health and service providers have been working together to form the Kawartha Lakes Ontario Health Team (KL-OHT). The KL-OHT received its official designation from the Ministry of Health on November 18, which signals that the team can move forward with plans to support a better patient experience, and support providers in delivering more efficient and effective care.

Key goals of the team include working together to reduce wait times between care settings, focusing on preventative health measures, and providing more virtual and digital health tools to help all residents, especially those in rural settings, access the care and services they need.

“We’re excited to reach the milestone of becoming a fully designated OHT, but most importantly, we’re excited to be able to get to work and create a connected health care system that puts patients first,” said Barb Mildon, CEO, Community Care City of Kawartha Lakes.

“Local physicians, patient partners and providers have united to form a strong partnership to co-design a seamless and integrated Kawartha Lakes healthcare system.  Work is underway to advance care navigation and improve access to digital care across the region,” says Veronica Nelson, VP & Chief Operating Officer, Ross Memorial Hospital.

The Kawartha Lakes Ontario Health Team is a collaborative group of health and service providers, who partner to provide quality, patient-centered care across the City of Kawartha Lakes.

Lead Members of the Kawartha Lakes Ontario Health Team

  • Ross Memorial Hospital (co-lead)
  • Community Care City of Kawartha Lakes (co-lead)
  • Patient, Client, Family and Caregiver Partners
  • The Corporation of the City of Kawartha Lakes
  • City of Kawartha Lakes Family Health Team
  • City of Kawartha Lakes Family Health Organization
  • Kawartha North Family Health Team

Get involved!

The KL-OHT is looking for anyone with experience with our local healthcare and services, either as a patient/client or family/caregiver, to participate in advisory councils. Your experiences will have a direct impact on connecting care in our community. To become an advisor, please contact